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Axis Auto Trucks Inc is a company specialized in the export of cars, trucks, heavy equipment, used spare parts and new container chassis Our knowledge of the global market has allowed us to reach more than 35 countries Our excellent customer service seeks the best standards, to guarantee that the products are processed, loaded and delivered in the shortest possible time regardless of the destination country For these and many other reasons, Axis will always be your best business partner


Our Mission is to stay connected to the world market by Reusing, Reducing and Recycling.


Our Vision is to Assist, Insist and Never Give Up.


Customer Satisfaction

We create and offer positive solutions for each client no matter where they are.


Always will be our general rule.


We look for the best products to transfer them to our customers.


We work together regardless of the circumstances, so that our clients and our company always win.


We seek that each action taken is positively reflected to our valuable customers.


We value each individual effort, no matter how small it is, each grain contributes when it is time to collect.

Authorized distributor for leading brands in the USA, specializing in factoring container chassis in the USA and Latin America.

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